The Ministers' School Global

TMS Global is the academic component of The Ministers’ Tribe that is focused on empowering and educating a supernatural army from different continents through online classes facilitated by seasoned and spirit-led teachers of God’s word.



The School of Ministry (SOM): SOM curriculum covers a wide range of courses focused on equipping, strengthening, and aligning you to God’s original intent for your life and setting you on a trajectory to be all that God has called you to be.

The School of Prayer (SOP): SOP is open to all believers and is designed to birth a supernatural shift in your prayer life and empower you to hear God more clearly.


The Pastoral/Teaching School (PTS): The PTS school is open to individuals who sense a call to the pastoral or teaching ministry, enjoy helping people know the truth of God’s word and apply it to their lives in a practical manner.

The Prophetic School (TPS): TPS is open to prophets or individuals who sense a call to the office of the prophet.

The Evangelist Squad (TES): This school is open to Evangelists, Missionaries, individuals who sense a call to the mission field or are passionate about seeing many souls saved.

Please note that when you apply to any of our schools under the MO program, you will be taking courses in the School of Prayer as part of the program.

Our Admissions Board will contact you with further instructions and information when you apply directly to any of our schools in MO program.

All programs are 100% virtual with classes in the West Africa Time zone (WAT) for 6 weeks. 

This Cohort will begin with induction on Saturday October 29th and run through to Saturday December 17th.