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Be a part of a global community where a supernatural army is equipped, strengthened, and refreshed for greater impact in their sphere of influence and the world at large.

The Ministers' Tribe | Equipping a supernatural Army

Welcome to The Ministers' Tribe

We are on a sacred mission, resolute in our pursuit to equip and fortify a supernatural army, empowering them to ascend to greater levels of effectiveness in their devout communion with God and their divine assignment. Through the harmonious interplay of the God’s Word, fervent prayer, and a thriving global fellowship, we forge an unshakable foundation that empowers this supernatural army to flourish abundantly in their Divine assignment.

Structured Learning

Learning designed to equip you to the end that you are fit enough for the Father’s use 


Transference of spiritual possibilities by God’s Spirit.

Prophetic Teachings

Timely teachings and instructions that makes for relevance and effectiveness in ministry.

Make full proof of your ministry!


Unlock the door to your ministerial destiny!

Step into a world of transformative knowledge and invaluable guidance at the Ministers’ School. Experience the power of timely teachings and meticulous instructions, igniting a profound sense of relevance and effectiveness in your sacred calling.

Don’t settle for mediocrity in your ministry. Enroll in the Ministers’ School today and embark on a transformative journey that will reshape your life, empower your purpose, and position you as a catalyst for change. The world is waiting for your influential voice – seize this opportunity and make an everlasting impact!

Be all that God wants you to be

Are you ready to embark on a transformative Christian journey and deepen your understanding of the faith? The Believers’ Academy Course is specifically designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and practical insights needed to strengthen your foundation in Christ and empower you to walk in the fullness of your new life.

The Ministers School is a place to grow, lean into God and learn even more about Him. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

TMS was amazing for me and I loved every minute of it, guess what!? You get to make kingdom minded friends through the bonding structure in place. Get in here now!!

Kofo Ola-Kadri


The Ministers' school has changed my life drastically. I have been taught, pushed and changed supernaturally. The word taught by the facilitators, the time spent with the students and the prayer time has been tremendously helpful in my area of call. I have been fired up for the next levels in ministry and God's plans for my life has been clearer.

Oyinlola Olofin


I heard about the Ministers' School through a friend and I connected afterwards. I joined the School of Ministry in 2020 and The Evangelist School in 2021.

The Schools have helped me redefine who I am in Christ, and what God has called me to be. They have been a tremendous blessing, absolutely.


Kenny Akinyemi


In the School of Ministry, I learnt and chewed on the spiritual, mental and emotional skills needed as a 21st Century Minister, I learnt practicing the presence of the Holy Spirit and the essential art of Ministering in the Holy Ghost.

The art of collaboration and a budding community after school opened up a structure where I could be amongst a budding community of likeminded believers and ministers which is the hallmark of Kingdom Ministry and Service.

Tejumoluwa Taiwo


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