Advanced Studies

The programs here are tailored to benefit ministers with a grounded knowledge of their calling or ministry. Prospective students could either be serving already in their respective ministries or seeking to do so after acquiring more knowledge. These programs include Prophetic School, Teaching/Pastoral School, and the Evangelist Squad. Classes are 100% virtual.


Classes in Advanced Studies prioritize depth over breadth. As a result, access to the programs is granted on meeting all the requirements below:

  • Certificate of completion of School of Ministry or any equivalent or a letter of recommendation.

  • Written Statement of Intent detailing purpose, goals, and expectations (1-3 paragraphs)

  • Written spiritual autobiography discussing your faith journey so far (Before salvation, events leading up to salvation, after salvation events).

The Prophetic School

An in-depth training for prophets and individuals who sense a call to the office of the prophet.

Tuition: N40,000/$100

The Pastoral/Teaching School

Training is designed for individuals who sense a call to the pastoral or teaching ministry, or currently operates in those offices and seek to learn more about the uniqueness of their ministry for effective delivery and service.

Tuition: N40,000/$100

The Evangelist Squad

This program teaches in-depth on the subject of Evangelism and missions and is designed for Evangelists, Missionaries, and individuals who sense a call to the mission field.

Tuition: N40,000/$100