Be strong Powerful Potent Influential Forceful


Fulfill your Ministry

Ministry is sacred trust and God expects us to fulfill our ministry


Be Effective

The gospel is saving power, the solution to a dying world


Make Impact

Our audience is THE WORLD, we are God’s agents of change


A gathering designed to empower and enhance Men in Ministry, enabling them to truly embrace their divine calling and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. Derived from the Greek word for “mighty,” Ischuros embodies strength, power, potency, influence, and forcefulness.

The Ministers’ Tribe, through Ischuros, is dedicated to equipping men in ministry to become formidable forces in both their words and actions. Our mission is to empower men to advance the kingdom of God globally, utilizing the power of media. With an unwavering commitment to the Word and the Spirit, our community comprehends the very heartbeat of God. United as one fortified spiritual entity, we passionately pursue His divine agenda across nations.

Come on board

Ischuros warmly embraces men in ministry from every corner of the world, transcending geographical boundaries, tribes, and languages. Through this vibrant global community, ministers everywhere receive unparalleled strength and fortification.