Specialized Studies

This faculty accommodates four programs, meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of Christian ministers who are devoted to serving specific populations with utmost dedication. These programs are designed to empower ministers specializing in various domains, including family ministry, tertiary campus outreach, guiding new believers, and proficiently managing church administration.

Each program spans a duration of 4 to 8 weeks, ensuring comprehensive coverage of vital subjects and practical experiences. Remarkably, these transformative programs are offered throughout the year, consistently fostering growth and development in every cohort. Classes are 100% virtual.

Ministry and Church Administration

An executive program designed for founders, heads, and individuals who occupy positions of leadership in ministries or churches.

Tuition: N40,000/$100

The Family Institute

Focuses on equipping people currently serving or sense a call to serve in different capacities in the following ministries: Children, Teenagers, Youths, Singles, Matured Singles, Men, and Women.

Tuition: N30,000/$50

Campus Ministry Institute

Program is designed for the equipping of campus fellowship and unit leaders across the globe, irrespective of physical location. (Must be currently a student on campus to apply)


Tuition: N500