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At TMS Global, we believe that every believer is a minister; hence, we provide classes under different programs that are taught by spirit-led facilitators with the mission to help believers discover their purpose and equip them to thrive on the mountains of influence. The classes are interactive and 100% virtual with practical sessions, prayer calls, student journaling, and review of both the bible and other books written by different ministry gifts in the body of Christ at larger. The duration of our schools varies between 4 to 8 weeks depending on the specific course of study. In addition, we offer programs tailored specifically for campus ministers and new believers who desire to learn more about the basics of their new faith. Students can only enroll into one school per cohort.

Programs offered fall under 3 main categories: Basic Studies, Advanced Studies, and Specialized studies.

Basic Studies

Programs under the basic studies is opened to all believers who sense a call to ministry either in the local assembly or in the workplace, or who desires to grow in their fellowship with God in the place of prayer and understanding of His call upon their life to the next level.

Advanced Studies

The programs here are tailored to benefit ministers with a grounded knowledge of their calling or ministry. Prospective students could either be serving already in their respective ministries or seeking to do so after acquiring more knowledge.

Specialized studies

This faculty houses four programs that are created to meet a subset of Christian ministers targeting specific populations such as ministers on the mountain of family, tertiary campus students, new believers, and church administrators. 

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